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NormaTec Compression Therapy

Based on normal physiology, NormaTec Pulse Technology synergistically integrates the three unique massage techniques of pulsating compression, gradients, and distal release to hasten the body’s natural recovery process. You can work out harder, recover quicker, and perform better with the NormaTec Recovery System thanks to these processes that enhance circulation throughout the body.

How Does NormaTec Therapy Work

Coaches, athletes, and trainers seek out NormaTec Compression because it provides a speedy recovery from exercise that conventional recuperation does not. By pumping the muscles and removing fluid from the limbs, and reintroducing it to circulation, this mechanism pulses. Utilizing hold pressures helps to stop fluid from backing up into the lymphatic system. Each focal area can be maximally pressurized thanks to this feature.

Who Can Benefit from NormaTec Compression Treatment?

This treatment can help those who have edematous disorders, or swelling, in addition to athletes and trainers. After procedures like ACL replacements, hip and knee replacements, as well as any other joint, tendon, ligament, or muscle injury, the method is routinely utilized to help patients recover. The pulsating motion expedites blood flow to wounded areas and encourages tissue growth, both of which help with recovery.

What to Expect from a NormaTec Compression Session

We’ll apply a compression sleeve or sleeves to the troublesome areas, depending on your condition or the area you want to treat. As the compression sleeves inflate, they will perfectly conform to the body portion being treated. The machine will emit pulses from the farthest or most distal areas being treated, such as a foot or hand, once the user sets the intensity. Then, while using a holding pattern on the areas that have already pulsed, the vibrations advance sequentially up the leg. This procedure stops liquids from flowing backward.

You may adjust the intensity of the NormaTec Compression’s pulsing, wavelike, palpating motion, which is comparable to receiving a massage. When helping patients recuperate from surgical operations and other pertinent medical conditions, these treatments are incredibly effective.

Benefits of NormaTec Compression Therapy

The advantages of this recuperation technique, which are basically advantages of increased blood flow, include:

  • Swelling and inflammation are decreased;
  • muscle recovery is accelerated;
  • delayed-onset muscle soreness is avoided;
  • muscle pain is relieved;
  • athletic performance is enhanced;
  • flexibility and range of motion are increased;
  • exercise-related wastes like lactic acid are eliminated;
  • muscle fatigue is reduced.

Choose Us for Your NormaTec Therapy

Our chiropractic center can design a treatment or training program to suit your demands if you are an athlete or trainer hoping for a quicker recovery. Our clinic can manage all of your NormaTec Compression sessions, regardless of whether you’ve been wounded, gone through a tough training session, are injured, or are recovering from surgery. Contact us right away by phone or email. You can contact us with any inquiries you might have, and we’ll set up a time for your initial consultation.


1- Has NormaTec been proven to work?

Numerous research studies have demonstrated the clinical efficacy of NormaTec compression therapy. According to research, NormaTec helps to: Reduce pain sensitivity.

2- Which people shouldn’t use NormaTec?

NormaTec warns against using these recovery devices for anyone suffering from acute thrombophlebitis, acute congestive heart failure, or acute pulmonary edema.

3- How much time should you spend in NormaTec?

Prior to an exercise, use NormaTec for 15-20 minutes at a medium intensity to improve circulation, lessen muscular stiffness, and improve muscle performance.

4- Do NormaTec treatments lessen arthritic pain?

Absolutely, yes! NormaTec lessens inflammation and aids in the healing process. In as little as one treatment, arthritis symptoms may subside.

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