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Physiotherapists assist patients facing movement difficulties or impairments due to injury or illness, utilizing exercises, manual therapy, and education. These professionals empower patients to manage pain and prevent recurrence. At Physiotherapy Clinic in Dubai, equipped with top-tier physical medicine specialists, we empower patients to lead pain-free lives.

For those experiencing various muscle, joint, or skeletal discomforts, injuries, or conditions such as stroke that result in movement issues, Physiotherapy Clinic in Dubai offers a solution. Reach out to receive treatment from skilled physiotherapists. The center’s experts strive to alleviate physical and movement challenges through their wealth of experience.

What services are provided in Physiotherapy Clinic in Dubai?

we offer a comprehensive array of services. Our skilled physiotherapists proficiently address diverse musculoskeletal issues, spanning back and neck disc concerns, shoulder ailments, pelvic discomfort, knee joint pain, and even hand movement disorders. Employing state-of-the-art techniques like magnet therapy, laser therapy, massage therapy, water therapy, and shockwave therapy, we deliver advanced solutions. Whether grappling with chronic back pain, persistent neck discomfort, or wrist problems, our clinic stands ready. Reach out to Dubai’s Physiotherapy Clinic to access guidance from Tehran’s premier physical medicine specialist and restore your optimum well-being.

Among the prime services offered at Physiotherapy Clinic in Dubai, the following deserve mention:

Physiotherapy for Back:

Patients experiencing persistent back pain throughout the day are advised to opt for conservative (non-surgical) treatments, such as a four-week course of physical therapy, before considering more invasive options like surgery. The objective of back physiotherapy is to alleviate pain, enhance functionality, and educate patients about preventive measures for future issues. At this facility, two techniques are employed for back physiotherapy. 

Passive physiotherapy incorporates warm and ice compresses, along with electrical stimulation. Active physiotherapy, the second approach, centers on targeted exercises and stretches. Active exercises predominantly constitute the focus for most back pain treatments. Lumbar disc physiotherapy ranks among the prominent offerings at the Niavaran Physiotherapy Center in northern Tehran. Numerous patients annually benefit from this service, effectively managing lumbar disc issues and related symptoms without resorting to surgery.

Physiotherapy for Neck:

Physiotherapy ranks among the primary approaches for addressing chronic pain and neck fractures. Typical neck physiotherapy regimes encompass initial treatment methods to alleviate pain or stiffness, followed by tailored exercise plans. At Physiotherapy Clinic in Dubai, specialized techniques and exercises are employed to mitigate neck pain. The program’s specifics vary, guided by the physiotherapist’s discretion, tailored to individual needs. 

Neck physiotherapy primarily targets pain and stiffness reduction while enhancing head and neck range of motion and muscle dynamics. This role potentially holds significance in enhancing neck conditions and daily functional movements. Beyond stiffness and localized discomfort, the physical medicine experts at Physiotherapy Clinic in Dubai can alleviate cervical disc symptoms, potentially reducing the necessity for surgery.

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